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Principal Desk's

Every child has an ability to do great and different if he/she will get healthy environment. In Dasmesh Mission Sen. Sec. School Hari Nau we inculcate the feeling of co-ordination among themselves, family, school and society. We develop multi-purpose activities among children to make them ready for their life. With the changing circumstances, it is the collectively mutual responsibility of parents and teachers to take care of children in every aspect of their life. It is the matter of your child's future. I shall be glad if you will give us your support and feedback. The "School Diary" of a child is the best means of communication among students, teachers and parents. Keep in mind that your child must bring his / her diary in school daily. Please check your child's school diary to know about his / her progress. I request you to attend "Parents-Teachers Meeting" to know about your child's progress. Let us take the mutual responsibilities to educate the future generation with happiness and enthusiasm.